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Dear shoppers,

we fully respect your privacy and act exclusively in accordance with the valid legislation of Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on the protection of personal data as amended by Acts No. 602/2003 Coll., No. 576/2004 Coll. and No. 90/2005 Coll.

Based on the provisions of § 10 of this Act, the operator who intends to obtain personal data from the data subject is obliged to inform the data subject at the latest when obtaining them and, without prompting, to notify him in advance of (1) the name and address or permanent residence of the operator (2) the purpose of processing personal data data (3) instruction on voluntariness (4) range of recipients, if it is assumed or obvious that personal data will be made available to them and the form of disclosure.

The operator of the online store is A-knihy, s.r.o., Robotnícka 10065/1D, 036 01 Martin, Slovakia, ID: 54615615, Tax ID: 2121747551

We declare that the processing of personal data is only for the purpose of delivering goods.
When making your first purchase in the online store, you only fill in the following personal data: name, surname, address (delivery address), telephone contact, e-mail address. No other data is required.
Neither personal data nor the content of orders will be provided to third parties.
The carrier is provided with address data and a phone number for sending an SMS message in the form of a notice.
If you do not wish to provide the carrier with a phone number, please let us know in the note to the order.
The e-mail address is not provided to any carrier.
For your information on the progress and status of purchases, data in the online store is available to you only after you log in based on the password you chose when you first entered your address.

The operator undertakes to remove your personal data and the history of your purchases from the online store database immediately upon request.