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Dobrodružné osudy grófa Mórica Beňovského

Miroslav Musil, Martin Kellenberger


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The incredible life story of the traveler, researcher, adventurer Móric Beňovský fascinates people even after centuries. He discovered the world on four continents and three oceans, connected Japan and Taiwan with Europe, fought for the freedom of nations in Poland, Russia and America, banned the slave trade as the great king of Madagascar and is the author of a world bestseller, which has been published in many languages for more than 200 years! “Count Maurice Benyowsky was the most famous adventurer and traveler of the 18th century,” said Jean-Christophe Rufin, a member of the French Academy.

The adventures of Count Móric Beňovský in comic form and in French translation are brought to young readers by the most professional creators:

Miroslav Musil – who traveled the whole world in the footsteps of Beňovský and is the author of several book and film projects about this personality.

Martin Kellenberger – an artist who beautifully illustrated more than a hundred books for children and youth.




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