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Rys výnimočný lovec

Ivan Kňaze

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The lynx is one of the most mysterious inhabitants of the forest. He survived only thanks to the fact that he can hide himself perfectly from our eyes. A fleeting encounter with him in his natural environment is a feast for every nature lover.

The lynx is our largest feline, figuratively speaking – our Slovak or European leopard. We know very little about his life. The fascinating information given to us in this book by Ivan Kňaze, an avid observer and connoisseur of Slovak fauna, is all the more valuable.

From literature, research and, above all, from his own observations, he put together an intriguing mosaic of revelatory knowledge and stories, with which he plastically paints a multidimensional picture of a mysterious lynx and various aspects of his life, habits, nature, emotions, in short, everything that belongs to the knowledge of this extraordinary creature. We learn where and how the lynx can hide from us, and why the lynx is a truly exceptional hunter.

The text is complemented by hundreds of the author’s authentic photographs.

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