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Vinohradnícke povesti

Dobroslava Luknárová, Zuzana Kuglerová

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Viticulture has been a part of human culture since time immemorial. Cultivating the vine, cultivating juicy grape berries and turning them into good wine is an art that people have been developing into ever more perfect forms for centuries. And Slovakia inextricably belongs to the history of viticulture, because viticulture traditions on the slopes of the Low Carpathians date back to the times of the ancient Celts and Romans! Over the centuries, even millennia, all kinds of interesting things have happened, and the vineyard yards are covered with a magical web of stories, mysteries, secrets…

In the book, which we are now bringing to you in the second, edited and supplemented edition, you will get a glimpse into one of the most traditional wine-growing regions of Slovakia – ancient Račišdorf, today’s Rača. You will learn why in ancient times the famous tavern on the bank of the Račie stream burned down, why the shepherd Viatek cursed the bandit, how the Račišdorf shenkeeper outwitted the Mr. Grim, about the magical crampon, the hard-working Vinck and many other secrets that human memory has preserved. We add fragments of old viticultural songs, prayers, wisdom and interesting facts about the secrets of the viticultural craft.


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